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Get PEP Now

If you have experienced a non-occupational exposure to HIV, seek care as soon as possible. Local Health Service Organizations, such as Colorado Health Network, can help you navigate the process and advocate for your needs. If time permits, you can visit or call an ASO prior to seeking medical help. ASOs can assist with screening for risk, helping with financial navigation, referring to appropriate health care providers and pharmacies, and providing follow-up assistance and after care.

If you choose to consult a doctor or visit the ER without the assistance of an ASO or advocate, medical providers may be hesitant to prescribe n-PEP. Hospital social workers can help you advocate for your care.


If you have experienced an occupational exposure, see a doctor or visit the ER immediately. Clinicians caring for health care workers who’ve had a possible exposure can call the PEPline (1-888-448-4911), which offers around-the-clock advice on managing occupational exposures to HIV, as well as hepatitis B and C.

Need Assistance?

If in Colorado and you have questions or concerns around PEP, including needing advice on how to access or pay for PEP, feel free to contact some of our expert staff members at the Colorado Health Network:

Gilbert Irizarry, CHN Clinical Patient Navigator



AJ De La Garza, Public Health Intervention Program (PHIP) Specialist


CHN Medical Clinic 


You can also always call one of our offices to get in touch with a staff member who can help you access PEP


Denver Colorado Health Network

(303) 837-0166

6260 E. Colfax Ave.  


Northern Colorado Health Network

(970) 484-4469 

400 Remington St.  
Suite 100 
Fort Collins


(970) 353-1177 

807 17th St. 


Southern Colorado Health Network

(719) 578-9092 

1301 S. 8th St. 
Suite 200 
Colorado Springs


(719) 621-1105 

807 N. Greenwood St.  
Suite 200 

Western Colorado Health Network

(970) 243-2437 

2352 N. 7th St  
Suite A-1 
Grand Junction


You can also contact these other Colorado providers on how to access PEP:


Denver Public Health

(303) 602-8710

 605 Bannock Street, Denver

Boulder County AIDS Project

(303) 444-6121

2118 14th Street, Boulder


Rocky Mountain CARES

(303) 393-8050

4545 E. 9th Ave., Suite 120, Denver


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